We Are Going to Need Plenty of Kids

I generally keep my political and philosophical positions to myself, especially when at work, unless asked, or unless I want to state that I disagree with a statement I judge immoral. The latter happened more than once, of course, but in one particular instance, I was particularly struck by the evil of a socialist mind on survival mode.

We were three in the office, a female and a male colleagues, plus myself. The female colleague was saying that she was really enjoying her time with her son and that if she could, she would have another child. The male colleague, with a big, joker smile on his face, said while rubbing his hands: “Ladies, you must make plenty of children to pay for our pensions!”

Me: “What?!???”

Him, half joking: “Well, yes, you must be a good citizen.”

Those who know me know I generally keep a calm composure. So I calmly answered that “I do not intend to give birth to little slaves.”

His answer: “There you go, you are over reacting!”

Was I?!

Of course, trying to have a logical discussion was pointless here. When I pointed out that what he was saying was that some people had to literally live (be born) in order to work to pay for their elders’ pensions, the male colleague quickly changed the subject discussed and left the room.

It is not surprising then, that some of the people who think that government spending should be increased, regardless of the cost to people today and in the decades to come, do not see any problem with the growing and already unsustainable United States government debt. They think they are entitled to “free” “services” and, the worse part is that they know someone will have to pay for that. Not their problem though.

I realize the European pension or American social security problem is one of a ponzi scheme: our and our children’ elders have been robbed naked of their money with the promise that it was invested for their pensions, while it was not. Does that give them the right to perpetuate the scheme? That someone would acknowledge and support the fact that more people will be needed in the future to pay for pensions does not make the person a victim, but an accomplice of the scheme.

The video below is almost 2 years old, but sadly still very true and relevant today (only the amount of the debt has increased). It does not deal with the social security issue per se, but with the US debt. Watch until the end of the video to see what I was getting at above. Human lives de facto sacrificed for the sake of others’.

(Hat tip for the video: Victoria)

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