Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand!

Ayn Rand, American philosopher and novelist, was born 109 years ago in Russia.

During her early years in Russia and what then became the Soviet Union, she witnessed first-hand the evil of collectivism. She fled to America, a country that was founded on the respect for individual rights, or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

She dedicated her life to fighting the spread of collectivism in America by a call to reason. She described the United States of America as “the first moral society in history.” She wrote several novels that sold millions of copies, including The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and We The Living (the name of this blog is inspired by the latter).

She developed the philosophy of Objectivism whose essence she presented as follows:

1. Metaphysics Objective Reality
2. Epistemology Reason
3. Ethics Self-interest
4. Politics Capitalism

Today, she is still widely read and appreciated around the world, and especially in America. She is also sadly reviled for having foreseen what the evil of collectivism would do to America.

As evidence of the continued relevance of her novels regarding the state of the world today, below are some pictures taken at the NY Public Library in New York City and in the bookstore BookPeople in Austin, TX.

Please visit the Ayn Rand Institute and ARI Campus to learn more about her philosophy or read her books.

NYPL Reads 2013 | The Song of Broken Glass

NYPL Reads 2013 – New York Public Library, NYC – June 2013

NYPL Reads 2013 | The Song of Broken Glass

NYPL Reads 2013 | The Song of Broken Glass

NYPL Reads 2013  - Atlas Shrugged | The Song of Broken Glass

The Fountainhead Review - BookPeople in Austin, TX | The Song of Broken Glass

BookPeople Bookstore – Austin, TX – August 2013

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