Rotating Emergency Lights Fail French Government’s Electric Cars; French Government Fails The Unemployed

It would be amusing if only the situation wasn’t so serious. While unemployment in France keeps breaking sad records with the number of people “defined as registered job seekers who are fully unemployed [rising] 0.9% in February from the previous month to 3,347,700, the highest level since comparable records began in 1996″ and “a 4.7% increase on the total number of jobless people from the same month last year,” we also learn in the French media that the members of the French government received news toys that break easily:

In its Thursday edition, Le Nouvel Observateur reports that each member of the government has a new car: Zoé, an electric car manufactured by Renault. They must use this car model when driving inside Paris.


But the members of the government think the car has a major flaw: they cannot use a rotating emergency light to avoid traffic. The use of the precious light causes the car to break down…

The Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg, was the first to use a Zoé car to go to a Government meeting in October 2012. He was then caught speeding.

How do you say FAIL in French?

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