The Song of Broken Glass. Kira’s song, in We The Living, my second favorite novel by Ayn Rand.

The novel, at times, conveyed to me a feeling of déjà vu and seemed to be hammering a warning into my mind. Maybe it was my Polish roots or the fact that I was living in socialist Europe. It is also because facts, reality and action are what matter to me, over any kind of wishful thinking.

For many in Europe, reality has been, for too long now, some kind of non-relevant archaism. When faced with an inconvenient fact, many an individual would end a conversation by a version of either of the followings: “I don’t believe this,” “I don’t want to hear this,” “We have to be practical,” “that is not fair,” or “yes, but I feel otherwise.”

Relinquishing always more of their daily responsibilities, so used to looking for the government for help and answers, citizens of European nations elected governments on the basis of their utopian promises, notably trying to fix sick economies with the very poison they had injected into society from the beginning. “For the common good,” they interfered more and more in our daily lives, to the point of dictating what we should wear, eat, think… They have asked us to sacrifice for the sake of “the most impoverished among us,” balancing always more of the financing of the giant, octopus-like welfare states, on fewer and fewer people. But of course government intervention yielded results worse than the ills they were supposed to cure, hence calling for more regulations, more interventionism. This vicious circle is dangerously having countries spiraling downwards as if in a vortex, as if with no possible return. The reality of the situation has become more than alarming for freedom lovers, for those free souls that still want to live.

Abroad. This was my cry for several years too. But not just any “abroad.” America. Although America is no more – and hasn’t been for many years – a laissez-faire capitalist country, it is still freer in many respects, than most countries in the world, and certainly freer than the country I have voluntarily left: France. Above all, this is liberty that I am looking for, an opportunity to live my life and to pursue my own happiness (and not others’ happiness). Does it remind you of something?

So here I am now. Abroad. America.

How free has America remained? To paraphrase Mark Levin (Ameritopia), have too many Americans already surrendered or been conquered? Is America irremediably following in Europe’s footsteps? That is what I intend to discover.

My name is Carine and I have been living for a couple of years in the United States, in the state of New York. I have now moved to Texas. I formerly lived near Paris in France.

I am interested in Capitalism, the history and management models of successful, small and large business ventures and corporations, the history of the United States of America, Economics, Philosophy, and in particular Objectivism. I also love photography that I try to master every time I can.

Welcome to my blog.

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