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Introduction to My Visit to Detroit, MI

Thanks to The Bell Towers, I had the opportunity to join a group of bloggers in Detroit, MI a couple of weeks ago. The project was organized by the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and took us to … Continue reading

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What Is Pomegranate Juice? Can’t Consumers Read Labels Anymore?

It took the Supreme Court to decide that Coca Cola could be sued for misleading its consumers into believing that a juice mainly made with apple and grape juice was actually pomegranate and blueberry juice. It’s not about a false … Continue reading

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If It’s the Best Solution for All Parties Involved, Why Is Government Intervention Needed to Force All Parties Involved to Agree?

Everyday, in almost every area of production, the Government intervenes, often by favoring some at the expense of others. The defense of the some is often that 1) they are needed in order for customers to be protected, hence need … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Not Just After Your Insurance, After Your Snacks Too

I think it is now safe to say that we have all seen how the ill-named Affordable Care Act is not going to make the average health insurance plan more affordable. This monster of an act that was probably voted … Continue reading

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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Knows What Your Eyebrows Need

Imagine you want to start your own business. Since you love to cook and make especially good and original cupcakes, you decide to start a cupcake business. Would you think it essential to learn how to grill a steak to … Continue reading

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