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Let the kid sunburn: San Antonio School district bans sunscreen, because it’s a medication and toxic

Doing the most unreasonable things in order to cover yourselves just in case something might happen. In France, they have an expression for that: it’s called the “precautionary principle” and it has become a way of life. If we don’t … Continue reading

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What Is Pomegranate Juice? Can’t Consumers Read Labels Anymore?

It took the Supreme Court to decide that Coca Cola could be sued for misleading its consumers into believing that a juice mainly made with apple and grape juice was actually pomegranate and blueberry juice. It’s not about a false … Continue reading

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If It’s the Best Solution for All Parties Involved, Why Is Government Intervention Needed to Force All Parties Involved to Agree?

Everyday, in almost every area of production, the Government intervenes, often by favoring some at the expense of others. The defense of the some is often that 1) they are needed in order for customers to be protected, hence need … Continue reading

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“It’s Better to Entice Pity Than Envy,” Not to Be Taxed (More Than You Already Are)

A French expression might have to be rewritten soon: “Mieux vaut faire envie que pitie” (it is better to entice envy than pity). Basically the expression means that you’d rather have people think that you are doing well even if … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Not Just After Your Insurance, After Your Snacks Too

I think it is now safe to say that we have all seen how the ill-named Affordable Care Act is not going to make the average health insurance plan more affordable. This monster of an act that was probably voted … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Buns: The New Victims of Nanny States?

I am not a big fan of cinnamon. Less is better, as far as I’m concerned (it’s a matter of taste). After 2 and a half years in the United States though, I know that it is a very much … Continue reading

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We Are Going to Need Plenty of Kids

I generally keep my political and philosophical positions to myself, especially when at work, unless asked, or unless I want to state that I disagree with a statement I judge immoral. The latter happened more than once, of course, but … Continue reading

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What Happens when People Are Fed Up with the Government?

They try and take the measures necessary to break from it. It seems that a number of counties in different States are looking into secession as a serious option. Two counties in California have started a movement to (re)create the … Continue reading

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