This blog is reflecting the views of its author alone. It has no relation with any organization whatsoever.
The name of this blog is meant as a tribute to Ayn Rand, her work, and her philosophy, which the author is studying (the author is not an expert in Objectivism, only a student). Yet the blog has no relation with any organization connected to Ayn Rand or Objectivism.

The author is alone responsible for the content of this blog. The author strives to objectively comment on articles and current issues, and to share links to articles or websites the author objectively believes to be relevant to the subject of this blog and of interest to the readers. Links and quotes used by the author are verified at the time of publication of the post in question. Change in the content of the pages linked to, or honest mistakes – such as a mistyped URL – can happen and the author should not be held liable for them.

The author should not be held liable for interpretations of readers that lead to misunderstandings on the objective of this blog. The objective of this blog is to put a light on some issues of interest to the author (including but not limited to those listed in the About page) and to be able to have a honest discussion with the blog’s readers. In no way the intention of this blog is to harm, insult or libel.

The author of this blog will not be held liable for the comments made by commenters and/or any laws worldwide that the commenters may break by doing so. Offensive comments, whose authors show no respect for the author of this blog or other commenters, and whose authors show no sign of looking for a honest debate, might be deleted at the discretion of the author of this blog.

Unless stated otherwise, any book review is done on the initiative of the author alone and is not sponsored in any way.

The only sponsor of this blog is its author.

Unless stated otherwise, photographs posted on this blog are taken by the author and subject to copyright laws. They should not be posted anywhere without the written consent of the author. Photographs posted are meant either for readers to enjoy, or as an illustration of an event discussed on the blog. They are in no way meant to harm or offend anyone. The author should not be liable for any interpretation to the contrary.

Unless stated otherwise, all posts content was first published on this blog. The content of this blog should not be posted anywhere without the written consent of its author

The author of this blog will not be held liable for anything that might happen to you while reading this blog, including but not limited to hot coffee spilled on your keyboard, too much fat in this or that doughnut, high blood pressure due to the state of the world showcased on this blog, choking on your morning bagel because of a funny comment made on this blog, etc.

Perhaps more importantly and to sum this up: this blog is hosted by the author, whose hosting the author pays for; the views exposed are those of the author; the author uses her own, free time to write on this blog; the author welcomes discussion and objective argumentation, but the author does not force – nor does she wishes to force – anyone to read this blog and/or comment; the author will not tolerate insults, ad hominen attacks, racist or injurious comments – after a first warning, these type of comments might be deleted. In conclusion, this blog is the property and little “home on the Internet” of the author. If you don’t like what you read, you are free to leave. Any incessant and invasive drive of anyone outside of this blog to disturb posting and discussion on this blog will result in the concerned person being banned from this blog whenever possible.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to use the “Contact” tab in the menu to contact the author.

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